Apple’s CEO Tim Cook On Digital Tech and Education

This is an interesting story from the news today following Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s visit to the UK. If you didn’t see it, he visited a school which demonstrated how it incorporates tech into teaching and learning. He made a statement saying that the teacher will always be the centre of the classroom and will not be replaced by technology.  Was that a bold statement? It made me think about where I see technology leading education eventually.

One of the teachers at the school in the TV news item, maybe the head teacher, said that she felt the younger children are taught to use digital technologies more in education the more they will use them as they go through their education.

This struck a chord in me as in a discussion with my son the other evening about what we looked at in the lecture, he said that even though his generation may be digital natives they are still taught largely with traditional methods. Furthermore he said that until the traditional methods are put aside children will only ever be digital visitors for education.  He felt that it will take a good few generations to totally eliminate the digital immigrant influence as each generation passes on something of its immigrant accent to those it teaches.

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