Formal and Informal Information

Hoffman & Blake 2003 Computer Literacy Today and Tomorrow

I read this some time ago during my PGCE but thought it might be useful to throw into the mix. I feel that Hoffman & Blake (2003) perhaps still has some relevance today regarding the way young people access their informal and formal information. No doubt since it was written more and more formal information is accessed through digital technology. If that is so then perhaps the question of why education is lagging behind when using digital technologies in teaching and learning is even more deserving of a response.

It concerns me that we have been having these debates and recommendations have been made for many years, longer than some people spend in education and yet we appear to be far away from fully embracing new ways of teaching using the appropriate accent (Prensky 2001).

Very brief summary  (in my words):

Hoffman and Blake (2003) describe how students engage with learning in two ways, formal and informal, explaining that formal is what they have to know and informal is what they want to know. They point out that most informal learning uses digital technology and they believe that this means of learning has to be capitalised on and blended into delivering formal learning.  They suggest that digital technologies should be used to deliver formal learning  using similar platforms and modes of delivery as those used to access informal information

Harvard Reference:

Hoffman, M. E., & Blake, J. (2003). Computer literacy: Today and tomorrow. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 18(5), 221–233

The full article is also accessible for viewing, downloading, printing on line by clicking HERE or copy and pasting the above reference into Google.








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