Digital natives or digital immigrants (or neither)?


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Digital technologies are often seen as a means of (re)connecting schools and teachers with disaffected and disengaged learners. Commentators argue that digital technologies can create opportunities for digital-based creativity and collaboration that appeal more to ‘digital natives’ who have grown up in a world of computers, the internet and mobile telephony. In this sense, the use of new tools can bridge the fast-growing ‘digital disconnect’ between students and their education institutions.

To what extent do you agree with these claims? Would you describe yourself as a digital native, a digital immigrant or neither? How engaged or disengaged do you feel with your current university?


2 thoughts on “Digital natives or digital immigrants (or neither)?”

  1. Great session today, I enjoyed exploring David S White’s theory on digital visitors and residents: A new typology of online learning. I prefer this theory more to Prensky’s Digital Native / Digital Immigrant philosophy which is too prescriptive and narrow

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    1. I really enjoyed the session yesterday. I leaned more towards David S White’s theory and felt that it showed more understanding of how we use digital technologies in general and I identified more with the continuum approach. I feel though that rather than apply the two theorems exclusively White’s theory could be considered to compliment Prensky’s in that by combining the two approaches one may develop a greater understanding of idiosyncrasies within the Immigrant/Native debate.


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